Travel Insurance Help Centre / Can I Take Part in Sports and Activities During my Holiday

You may not be covered when you take part in certain sports or activities. For certain activities, cover under section G (Personal accident) and section H (Personal liability) will not apply. If you intend to take part in a sport or activity during your trip, please note that cover is available for the activities listed in the two tables below provided:

  • You follow the safety guidelines for the activity concerned and where applicable you use the appropriate and recommended safety equipment;
  • The activity is not the main purpose of your trip;
  • The activity is not part of a competition or tournament; and
  • The activity is not on a professional basis.

Table A

Amateur athletics, angling, archery, badminton, banana boating, basketball, boardsailing, bowling, bridge walking (supervised by a fully trained guide), bungee jumps (three jumps), cave tubing or river tubing, cricket, curling, cycling, fell walking, gymnastics, handball, husky sledge driving, ice skating, jogging (not including marathons), mountain biking (not including downhill racing and extreme terrain), netball, orienteering, parasailing, parascending (over water), rambling, ringos, roller blading (inline skating and skateboarding), running (not including marathons), safari trekking in a vehicle or on foot (only as part of an officially organised tour and not including the personal use of firearms), sand boarding, scuba diving (qualified, maximum depth 30 metres), sleigh rides (as part of an officially arranged excursion), snorkelling, squash, surfing, swimming, swimming with dolphins (as part of an officially arranged excursion), table tennis, tennis, ten pin bowling, trekking (under 2,000 metres altitude), triathlons, volleyball, wake boarding, water polo, waterskiing and white or black water rafting (grades 1 to 4).

Cover is provided for the activities listed in the table below, however, no cover is available under section G (Personal accident) and section H (Personal liability).

Table B

Baseball, camel or elephant riding (supervised by a fully trained guide), canoeing, canopy walking or tree top walking, conservation or charity work (educational and environmental - working with hand tools only),cycle touring, dragon boat racing, dune and wadi bashing, football, go-karting, golf, hiking (over 2,000 metres but under 6,000 metres altitude), hockey, horse riding (not polo, hunting, jumping), hot-air ballooning (officially organised pleasure rides only), jet boating, jet skiing, kayaking, kite surfing (over water), motorcycling under 50cc (not racing), mud buggying, paintballing (wearing eye protection), passenger (in private or small aircraft or helicopter),rowing, trekking (over 2,000 metres but under 6,000 metres altitude), windsurfing and yachting (no racing or crewing) inside territorial waters and zip lining.

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