The Top 10 Car Insurance Myths

The Top 10 Car Insurance Myths

Car insurance can be confusing, especially when there are so many myths circulating. You need to know the FACTS from the FICTION, or you could find yourself overpaying, or worse - without the proper cover you need. At 25plus, we’ve included a few below so that you can set yourself straight for the next time you’re in the process of securing your car insurance policy.

Myth 1: Comprehensive cover allows me to drive any car

It’s often thought that having a comprehensive car insurance policy automatically covers you for third party liability when driving someone else’s car, however increasingly this is not the case.

Some comprehensive policies do include this, but it’s important to check your documents rather than assuming, before you drive a vehicle other than your own.

With 25plus, a ‘Driving Other Cars Extension’ provides third party only cover in the event of an emergency for you, the policyholder to drive another private car which you do not own or have not hired or leased. If you are eligible for this extension, it will be outlined on your certificate of motor insurance. It will also be outlined on your policy schedule which is available within your online portal. Terms and conditions are outlined here.

Myth 2: My car insurance premium will go down each year if I don't make a claim or have no claims bonus protection

In an ideal world this would be the case. There are definite benefits to building up a no claims bonus every year, and not losing your no claims bonus if you make a claim, however your premium itself could still go up due to a number of external factors that affect the cost of car insurance premium including your age, your job and where you live.

Most insurers also operate a maximum no claims bonus period, so you’ll stop building a discount after a set amount of years. You could receive up to 65% no claims discount off your 25plus car insurance policy, if you have 6 years or more claim free driving.

My car insurance premium will go down each year if I don't make a claim or have no claims bonus protection

Myth 3: Third Party, Fire and Theft cover is always cheaper than Comprehensive

It may seem logical that a lower level of cover would cost less, however this is often not the case. When it comes to car insurance cover, it’s all about the size of the market! As there tends to be a bigger demand for Comprehensive cover, there are more products available on the market compared to that of Third-Party Fire and Theft. So, you may find 25plus Comprehensive cover is cheaper than Third-Party, Fire and Theft - with the added bonus that your own vehicle will be covered for damage. You can check this out further by getting a car insurance quote here.

Myth 4: It’s best to let my car insurance policy automatically renew each year

25plus car insurance policies do not automatically renew every year. Follow these 3 quick and easy steps to complete your Car Insurance policy renewal:

  1. Log in to your online account to renew your policy
  2. Check your details are still accurate and correct
  3. Entering your payment details

You will receive a confirmation email within minutes. Your insurance documents will be available in the documents section of your online account, with the exception of your certificate and disc which will follow by post.

We understand how busy life can be, so want to get your renewal in good time. We will send you gentle reminder via email 28 days prior to your renewal sate. The email will include that all important renewal premium information. If you are happy with your renewal premium, and have no changes to make, you can renew your policy in just a few clicks.

Myth 5: Young drivers should get insurance in a parent’s name

Many parents often consider adding their son or daughter to their car insurance policy at first or being listed as the main driver in order to cut the cost of their child’s insurance policy.

While this might seem like a legitimate loophole, taking out insurance in someone else’s name to get cheaper cover is known as “fronting” and is a form of insurance fraud. Premiums are calculated largely on the risk presented by the policyholder, so pretending that an experienced parent is a more regular driver of the car than their inexperienced child is illegal.

Young drivers should get insurance in a parent’s name

Such situations often come to light when a claim is submitted and can result in the insurance policy being deemed void. In addition, the driver could find themselves fitting the bill for the damages, and then in court charged with driving without valid insurance.

If you need a quote for a young driver, visit our sister company for a competitive and trustworthy quote.

Myth 6: My car insurance provider will always offer me a courtesy car in the event of an accident

At 25plus, our comprehensive car insurance policies include the use of a temporary replacement vehicle from one of our approved repairers up to the cost of €200, if your car is out of use as the result of a claim for loss or damage under the policy. More information on the use of a courtesy car can be found here.

Myth 7: Roadside assistance is included with my car insurance

If you purchase an 25plus Xtra policy, you will be covered for roadside assistance including home start and emergency overnight accommodation. You can contact our 24-hour roadside assistance team on: 01 804 4328.

Roadside assistance is included with my car insurance

Myth 8: Making a car insurance claim is a nightmare

Many people think that claiming on your car insurance is a complete nightmare, but in actual fact it’s pretty seamless, especially with 25plus. If you have been involved in an accident, or your car has been stolen or is damaged by fire, you should contact our 24-hour Claims Team on 028 907 22804 who will advise you how to proceed.

Do I need to tell my insurer if I’m not claiming?

If you have been involved in an accident, but are not making a claim, you must still advise us of the incident, and you must confirm whether anyone else was involved in the accident who may have suffered an injury or damage to their property.

Myth 9: You’re automatically covered for windscreen and glass repairs when you buy car insurance

25plus Comprehensive Xtra policies include Windscreen Cover. If your windscreen or windows in your car are damaged, you should telephone our 24-hour approved repairer Autoglass to make a Windscreen Claim on 01 859 9899 .

You’re automatically covered for windscreen and glass repairs when you buy car insurance

Myth 10: My car insurance policy will be cheaper if I pay monthly

Spreading the cost of your insurance over monthly payments is more convenient but it will come at a cost, as you’ll be required to pay interest on top of your annual premium.

At 25plus, we have two payment options available:

  1. Payment in full by Credit / Debit Card
  2. Spread the payments over easy monthly instalments (terms and conditions apply).

If you choose to spread your payments, your finance will be provided by Close Brothers Premium Finance Ireland (CBPFI) and an initial payment is required by credit/debit card to start the policy, followed by equal monthly instalments collected from your bank account. Doing this may cost a little extra but it can be a lot more convenient. See more information on our payment options here.

To review your car insurance, you can view your documents and manage your policy via the 25plus portal. The online portal is available 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s quick, easy and available at a time convenient to suit you. You can also contact our customer service team via the live chat facility on our website, which allows you to instant message with an adviser. Live Chat is available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 9.30am-1pm on Saturdays.

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